There are many variables that impact on the backspin created at impact. Understanding some simple physics will helps us
Lift will play a significant part in getting your next flight off the ground.
Looking for a 260 yard+ tee shot with an average swing speed?
On the range, practise a slower, wider and more even tempo swing.
Too many golfers set up with their Fairway Wood, unaware of the low point of their swing.
There are three checks you should think about if you want to have a Fairway Wood that offers you the potential of recoveries made, and opportunities taken.
Improvements will translate into not just a better score,
but the added pleasure of more shots hit more sweetly.
From a great lie in the Fairway, make sure you’re not going to allow poor contact to leave you maddeningly short.
If you’ve bought the latest technology but you’ve still got a problem with inconsistency, then here’s where the problem might lie.
HOW FAR DO YOU really hit your #5 Iron?