For some success is measured in 25 yards. For some it’s measured in just a few feet.
Why would we make the game of golf more difficult? Why would you make it more challenging to improve?
Every golfer, no matter the experience level, sees the benefit after a custom fitting. Data on the results of fittings tells us who usually sees what benefit.
The old question of which came first is more complicated with a custom fitting and swing improvement. There’s also the laying and the hatching.
Did you know a Tour Professional is more accurate from 175 metres in the fairway than from 100 metres but in the rough?
Understanding your strike pattern should influence your next step.
Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve been trying to persuade you to follow the link and answer three very simple questions.
You’re playing an approach shot into the green. You’ve got a target.
Everyone has at least one hole that spoils the card or round too often.
It’s just an Iron, from a set. This one’s a #7 Iron.