Sensational technology in two great Drivers. Choosing the right one, and then setting it up with the perfect fitting
If you’re going to invest in new golf equipment, then please follow our guide.
If you want to experience the fulfilment of more approach shots hitting their targets, then there are two steps to follow.
Just how difficult is it to find the right combination of shaft length, lie angle, shaft type, and shaft flex to match your golf swing? It’s 1 out of how many?
If you want to hit better Iron shots, then remember accuracy starts with the right combination of lie angle and shaft length. There are usually over 150 to choose from.
How hard it is to find the short stuff from the tee box?
There are many variables that impact on the backspin created at impact. Understanding some simple physics will helps us
Lift will play a significant part in getting your next flight off the ground.
Looking for a 260 yard+ tee shot with an average swing speed?
On the range, practise a slower, wider and more even tempo swing.