Your Hamstrings consist of three muscles that do an awful lot to manage the operation of your lower body.
Tiger Woods once blamed a poor round on a failure “to activate the glutes”.
There’s a set of muscles that, if exercised correctly, will not only improve your golf swing, they’ll help to keep aches and pains away during your regular day.
Three feet downhill across a slope is not the same as three feet straight uphill.
How many shorter shots does a less skilled or experienced golfer play?
Adding up all the design and configuration options, there are going to be hundreds of setups that make it harder to hit good shots.
There are over 900 ways we can help you hit better golf shots more easily and more often.
Who finds it hardest to get a fairway shot on a high trajectory straight at the target?
It’s your children to enjoy now, it’s a shared retirement you’ll appreciate later.
The consequences to non-mental health through adolescence is catastrophic. Get children - every child you know - into golf.
Play more golf. Make more friends. Take part in more social events.
If you’re measuring ‘steps’, get out and play golf more often. You’ll blow your target away.